Having gone through a knee replacement surgery on one leg one-year back, through another surgeon, the pain was intolerable. But with your felicity and cornucopia of knowledge, you made the pain a denouement in itself. I was surprised myself, I was able to walk on the second day, you personally took the effort to make me walk, made me climb the stairs, and the warmth shared by you as a doctor was perfection personified.
Mrs. Ranganathan
At the age of 75, my life was about going for those mornings and evening walks with my group. Life had practically come to a standstill. I underwent the Muscle sparing Knee Replacement for both my knees with Dr. Kubadia and was amazed that I was able to walk the next day of surgery with hardly any support. My recovery was so fast that I could go home after 2 days of my surgery. Today my walks are back and walk with very good speed even.
Mr. Sawant
My knees were troubling me for the last couple of years so much so I had difficulty in climbing up and down the stairs and could not even walk 100 meters without difficulty. The Pain had started affecting my day-to-day and social life. I got both my knees replaced together about 2 months back and the experience was painless and was walking the next day of surgery and was discharged after 2 days. Dr. Kubadia was very encouraging and motivating. Today I am able to do all my routine and normal activities without much difficulty.
Mrs. Hariharan
I was suffering from pain for many years and when I had practically become home-ridden by the pain, I decided to go for the surgery. It was as if like magic and my pain of so many years was gone. I was up and about the next day and without support in practically no time. I would strongly recommend this Muscle sparing Knee Replacement.11
Mrs. Shah
I was able to walk without any stick the next day of my surgery and even climbed stairs in 2 days. I am pretty pleased that I underwent my knee replacement by this muscle-sparing technique.
Mr. Singh


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